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Jean-Francois Eid, MD


Dr. J. Francois Eid founded in 2001, Advanced Urological Care, PC, a boutique Urology practice entirely focused on the treatment of advanced erectile and voiding dysfunction with implants and in 2022 he joined the Physician Partners at Northwell Health.

Born in Brussels, Dr. Eid received his Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from Brown University in 1976 and his M.D. from The Medical College of Cornell University in 1982.  He completed his urological training at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 1988.  Prior to founding Advanced Urological Care in 2001, Dr. Eid was Associate Professor in the Departments of Urology at both Weill-Cornell and Sloan Kettering (cf. above).  During his 11-year tenure at these institutions, Dr. Eid was exposed to the most challenging cases of ED, acquiring a focused, unparalleled surgical experience with complicated penile implants, with use of grafting material, repair and revision surgery of implants and artificial urinary sphincters.

In addition to penile implant surgery, Dr. Eid is skilled at the medical treatment of erectile dysfunction surgical correction of incontinence with the male sling and artificial urinary sphincter, correction of abnormal penile curvature, and treatment of Peyronie's disease. Though he has participated in many of the advances (clinical trials) that are promoting the treatment of ED, including the FDA's approval of penile injection therapy (Caverject) and oral and urethral medications (Viagra, Cialis, MUSE), his main achievement lies in penile implant surgery. He is the inventor of the “No-Touch Technique”. Dr. Eid's novel technique places emphasis on infection prevention by avoiding direct and indirect contact with the patient’s skin.

An accomplished teacher of the penile implant procedure, Dr. Eid gives workshops on these surgical techniques all over the world, including Korea, Japan, Australia, and throughout the United States. His "State of the Art" workshops use multimedia techniques--slides, video clips, and live real-time surgeries.  Hundreds of practicing urologists as well as doctors in training (residents) have participated in these events.

Dr. Eid is also on the advisory board of American Medical Systems (Boston Scientific), Coloplast and Rigicon, the manufacturers of penile implants. He is an active participant in the improvement and new design of urological prosthetic devices.

In the past 44 years, Dr. Eid has accomplished over 8,000 penile prosthesis implants, averaging more than 300 annually with an infection rate of 0.47%, the lowest in the world.  He is also the first physician to perform a penile implant on the World Wide Web.  You can see a video clip of this procedure utilizing the “No-Touch Technique” as well as interviews of patients with implants online at and at his YouTube channel.

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